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Are copper bullion rounds the future of money?

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Conservative Americans are in preparations for the worst. We are gathering diversified metals for wealth accumulation, the possible barter system to come, and protection against currency bumps. If you are thinking ahead, you’re preparing for major disruptions that are coming to threaten our security, stability, health, and safety.

If the American paper money system fails, you’ll want to be prepared. For more than a millennium, metals have been the accepted medium of choice. Many of us are accumulating precious metals to be used for barter exchange. We recognize that gold and silver are expensive and difficult to manage, and people will need the flexibility of smaller values for buying simple things, like a cup of coffee or loaf of bread. To make smaller transactions convenient the market has adopted 1 ounce solid copper rounds. These copper rounds have the intrinsic value of pure metal and can be bartered or traded just like silver or gold. Copper is the most sensible item to stock away in preparation for the future.

As thought leaders and conservative practitioners prepare for an uncertain future, our path is “safety in numbers”. Our copper coins offer consumers a tangible item with real intrinsic value- separate from our federally backed currency. The quality is supported by Osborne Mint, America’s oldest private coin mint. These coins are struck in .999 pure copper, guaranteed to weigh one ounce. Our coins are manufactured to strict standards for metal purity, weight, and dimensions.