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Int'l Shipping

We are a Tampa Florida based coin and bullion dealer specializing in copper bullion.

We gladly ship to Canada any product lislted on our site. Many products have the shipping price to Canada included and clearly shown.

If a product does not have a Canada shipping price already listed, the following policy applies:

We only use USPS and specifically Priority US Mail.

There are 2 different sizes. Small box is for total weight of 4 pounds or less and costs $19.50. Medium box is for up to 20 pounds and costs $42.95.
We deduct the "FREE" US shipping that is included in most prices listed but sitll must charge Canadian buyers $16.25 per Small box and $31 per 20 pound box.

All outher countries must agree to pay the actual posted USPS.com International price per 20 pound box.  Rate is currently around $58 per box.

Any items paid for before a shipping a quote is agreed to may be refunded.

It is strongly suggested that buyers calculate the actual shipping costs BEFORE purchasing as it can add up to many hundreds of dollars. Exact quotes are found at http://postcalc.usps.gov/

While we often add the cost of shipping to products and list as free shipping, there is actually no such thing as free shipping.