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Why Copper Bullion

Copper is the forgotton precious metal and the only one that keeps economies humming.
There's no denying that, given the choice, nearly everyone prefers gold and silver. Both are valuable,  easily liquidated and mystical...but are they really worth todays overbought prices?

Copper is the worlds oldest traded money metal and latley being refered to as "the new silver"

While speculators chase the more popular metals, China has quietly amassed 39% of the world's copper production and stock levels.

Many experts estimate that at current levels of mine production, we will run out of newly mined copper in 24 years.

Do not be fooled into thinking copper is available at or near spot prices the way silver is. Buying .999 fine copper bullion bars is the absolute cheapest way to own physical copper.

Wire aqnd pipes typically sell for about 10x copper spot price and more exotic products such as copper sinks sell for 100 times or more than the spot price of copper.

For the amount of a single Oz of gold, you can buy about 200 delivered POUNDS of pure copper bullion. Gold could possibly double in price but copper is posed to explode with 10 to 50 times current price.

Now is the right time to buy fine copper bullion bars.