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4.00 Ounces
$1.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

4+ Pounds Polished Semi Precious Gemstones Rocks Minerals

This sale is for 2 POUND lots of beautiful, natural tumbled mini semi-precious rocks and stones IN OUR LARGEST SIZE

4 pounds will spread about 1/2 inch thick over a 36" diameter area as shown below.





                                              GLASS JARS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE

I will try to make as much variety as possible. All were tumbled smooth over a 90+ day period using pecan shells. These are not colored rocks or glass, THESE ARE GENUINE.


Here is a list of some of the rocks we have identified in this lot. The more lots you order, the more variety you will find from the list below.


  • Amethyst   -- Semi-precious Gemstone in a mix of purple colors. February Birthstone. (India & Brazil)
  • Goldstone   -  Tan colored stone with thousands of tiny sparkling copper crystals all over. (China)
  • Lapis Lazuli   -  Popular blue stone sometimes occurring with areas of grey calcite or tiny sparkles of Pyrite. (Chile)
  • Labradorite   -  Translucent green with flashing bursts of rainbow colors inside the gem. (Madagascar)
  • Peridot   -  A very bright lime green gemstone. Usually has a transparent color. (Arizona)
  • Snowflake Obsidian   -  Volcanic obsidian with grey ash snowflakes imbedded in the gem. (Utah)
  • Malachite   -  Dark green gem with swirls and bands of light green. Heavy gemstone. (Zaire)
  • Crystal Quartz   -  Colorless quartz that can look like glass because of its wonderful clarity. (Brazil)
  • Peach Moonstone   -  Unusual form of Moonstone in a mix of light to dark peachy or tan shades. (India)
  • White Moonstone   -  Famous June birthstone, Moonstone has a creamy white color in translucent stone. (India)
  • Rainbow Moonstone   -  White moonstone with small flashes of blue and other colors as the stone moves. (India)
  • Garnet   -  Dark transparent red. Garnet comes in other colors, but red is the most common. (India)
  • Yellow Calcite   -  Beautiful translucent yellow color. Looks like a lemon drop candy. (Mexico)
  • Dalmation Jasper   -  White to grey quartzite with multiple spots of black. (Mexico)
  • Red Jasper   -  Brick red color Jasper that sometimes contains white creamy lines. (South Africa)
  • Blue Aventurine   -  Dark to medium translucent blue. Member of the quartz family. (India)
  • Blue Lace Agate   -  Popular form of agate with a light blue color containing lacy, wavy bands. (Namibia)
  • Iolite   -  Purple-blue gemstone that sometimes displays a color changing quality when rotated in the light. (India)
  • Unakite   -  Mix of pink Feldspar and green Epidote. Named for the Unaka Indians of the Appalachian Mtns. (Virginia)
  • Fluorite   -  Heavy gemstone that comes in a mix of color from blue, purple, light green or bi-colors. (China)
  • Leopardskin   -  Named for the big cat, Leopardskin has black or red-ringed spots on a cream background. (Mexico)
  • Rose Quartz   -  Very popular quartz in a translucent pink color. Often used to sybmolize love. (Brazil)
  • Gold Tiger Eye   -  Famous stone known for its shimmering cat's eye effect when rotated in the light. (South Africa)
  • Red Tiger Eye   -  Red version of Tiger Eye. Very stunning cut and polished into jewelry. (South Africa)
  • Magnesite   -  Snow white color stone with light grey spider web like lines. (Zimbabwe)
  • Blue Quartz   -  Very light color of blue quartz. Looks similar to light Aquamarine. (India)
  • Green Aventurine   -  A Version of Aventurine in dark to medium green with tiny Mica inclusions in some gems. (India)
  • Orange Aventurine   -  Dark to medium translucent orange. Member of the quartz family. (India)
  • Mahogany Obsidian   -  Mix of maroon and black obsidian. Created by volcano. (Mexico)
  • Onyx   -  Jet black in color. Onyx is a member of the agate family. (Africa)
  • Picture Jasper   -  Tan jasper with unusual scenic lines of brown to black or with brown sections. (Idaho)
  • Snow Quartz   -  Just like the name suggests, this form of quartz is has a bright snow-white color. (California)
  • Serpentine   -  Named for the mystical beast, Serpentine has a mix of unusual green spots on white. (Utah)


Other Gem Varieties are Possible!


Shipping is $5.00 for 1 lot OR AS MANY AS YOU BUY IN ONE PURCHASE.

We have about 40 pounds left, WITH NO MORE coming.

For quick assistance please call us Toll Free at:

(855) 418-7580

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